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Success Stories


"GMS is the most generous and easy fundraiser I've ever done. Over the years I helped with Scottsburg High School swim team fundraiser from GMS to buy uniforms. My husband coaches the girls golf team at SHS high school and it is a small team of 7 girls but with your generous fundraiser they were able to raise enough money to buy team jackets. I've also done GMS fundraiser to raise money for the after prom events at SHS. I am so thankful you have helped out so many local teams in our community. You make fundraising simple and I have never encountered another fundraiser that you earn 50% of your sales; not to mention how much I love the soap!! It's a win win!!! Thanks so much."
- April McGannon, Scottsburg High School

"Our school began doing Goat Milk Soap Fundraisers 4 1/2 years ago with Goat Milk Stuff and are so happy we did! So many of our customers ask for it in the fall, "Are you going to sell that great soap again this year?" And we usually take a second order from our newest customers in the spring who didn't order enough in the fall fundraiser. Our customers have said, "This soap offers such a rich lather, I don't want to see it end"; "These goat soaps last longer than store bought soaps"; and "I love this goat soap! What a great idea for a fundraiser". Our sales increase every year because this is such an awesome product! PJ and her family always rise to the occasion when there is anything we need. Their service is personable, reliable, and timely! You can't go wrong with this fundraiser. New Independence Academy looks forward to a long and prosperous "partnership" with Goat Milk Stuff! Thank you Jonas family!"
- Tina Buck, New Independence Academy

"I was fortunate to take a group of high school students on a trip to study Rainforest Ecology in Costa Rica. We have used the Goat Milk Soap Fundraiser twice with great results, and are currently planning a third fundraiser in time for Christmas. The scents are popular and of a good variety. The quality of the soap bars is excellent. My students were easily able to sell a good amount of soap, and since we have had many requests from repeat customers. This has become a very popular fundraiser at our school. Goat Milk Stuff as a company is so easy to work with, and they truly make a great product. Your customers will feel that they got their money’s worth, unlike many other fundraisers. We love Goat Milk Stuff!"
- Lora Cottom, South Vermillion High School

"I am president of the Auburn Student Chapter of AASRP. We used Goat Milk Stuff fundraising for our club at the vet school to fund meetings teaching students about the opportunities to help in small ruminants like dairy goats. This fundraiser greatly aided in our club funds, all while supporting a family business."
- Camille Roemhild, Auburn Vet School

"We are the 'parent association' that helps out St. Luke's Christian Academy. Every year we try and find new things that the parents may be interested in. One of our parents had used Goat Milk Stuff soap for several years and suggested we give it a try as a fundraiser. WOW!! People loved the idea of the soap being both natural and good for their skin. Now that they have received and tried the soaps we are getting amazing feedback and parents asking could we sell it again in the spring! The very best part for our group was the amazing customer service and generous profit sharing that GMS is willing to offer in their fundraiser program. This was our highest earning fundraiser to date for selling a product. We are so grateful to GMS for making their soaps available as a fundraiser. Jonas family you are amazing and so is your soap!"
- PALS for St. Luke's Christian Academy

"Last year we sold Goat Milk Stuff as a fundraiser for our 8th grade field trip to Gettysburg/Washington D.C. It was a huge success! Many of our students were able to raise a good portion of the cost of their trip. We will be selling Goat Milk Stuff again this year. I have had numerous people ask me if we will be selling Goat Milk Soap again this year because they want to make a purchase again and plan on buying more this time. The various scents are amazing and sell themselves with just one sniff."
- Connie K.

"Our softball club has sold these soaps for four years and its one of our most successful fundraisers! Once people try them, they always say "I wish I would have bought more" or "When will you be selling this again?" -- They smell amazing, we always have returning customers, and the profit it can't be beat!!"
- Karen H.


"What a great way to kick off our Adoption fundraising! GMS has a phenomenal product with excellent customer service through the whole process. We sold scads of soap in a flash and that was such a blessing to our family!"
- Amber R.

"We are adopting 2 teen girls from China. With the GMS fundraiser, we raised enough money to pay for our Home Study. I’ve done a lot of fundraisers, but this one is my favorite. We’re working with a compassionate, down-to-earth family business that makes great soap! You keep 50% of what you sell, which is wonderful! A lot of people buy it for gifts or even gift baskets. It sells quickly, and people keep coming back for more because it makes their skin feel so good! Personally, it’s the ONLY natural soap (and I’ve tried them all) that doesn’t dry out my skin."
- Terri V.

"Our Goat Milk Stuff fundraiser was the first and most successful adoption fundraiser we had when raising funds for our adoptions. It was so successful that we did it a 2nd time. People just keep coming back to buy the soap selling it was easy! In fact, many of our adoption friends who bought the soap had their own fundraisers for their adoption fees as well. The soap is the best there is. Thank you PJ and Goat Milk Stuff!"
- Terry F.

Non-Profits and Churches

“I’ve used goat milk soaps to fundraise for El Puente Girls Home in Paraguay. They are very popular and sell fast, and it’s so easy to take orders in advance and then place them all at once. “I’m running out of soaps! When are you guys selling them again?” is something I hear often from satisfied “customers” :) Couldn’t be happier with the service and the quality of the soaps.”
- Guillermo C.

"Food for His Children has been so blessed by the opportunity to sell Goat Milk Stuff soap as a fundraiser for our ministry in Tanzania, Africa. Every bar of soap we sell helps us empower and equip rural farmers in Tanzania to raise dairy goats which provide nutritious milk for their families and then as they reproduce, the offspring become a savings account for them to send their children to secondary school, pay for medical care when needed, to build a brick house with a tin roof and start businesses. A little bar of soap becomes so much more! God bless you for all you do Jonas Family!"
- Pastor Kerrie Holschbach, Food For His Children

"Goat Milk Stuff soap fundraiser is a great opportunity for Reins to Recovery, Inc. Therapeutic Riding Center to raise some of the funds we need to operate the non-profit therapeutic riding center. We typically do this fundraiser every quarter and usually raise approximately $400.00. The Jonas family is great to work with and always has my order ready for pickup the same day I place the order. Goat Milk Stuff Soap sells itself. Once the customer tries it they are always ready to order more the next time we do the fundraiser. Thank you so much for the awesome products and allowing us to do the fundraiser."
- Kristye Lewis, Reins To Recovery

"Goat Milk Stuff is an incredible company to work with!  Our mission's teams sell their soap as a fundraiser. Here are the key reasons we'll be participating in fundraising with them again:

  • Quick responses to questions
  • Easy process 
  • Great product (we love their soap)
  • Quick shipping
  • Fun individual packing of soap
  • Good profit

- Renae L.

"We are a small animal rescue that runs solely off donations and fundraisers. Because of this, we’ve tried every fundraiser you can imagine over the years. Selling GMS soap has been our easiest, most successful fundraiser by far! Our volunteers are happy to sell it because it’s such an amazing product and an incredibly easy sell. Everyone who buys it just raves about how much they love it and comes back to us asking to buy more. PJ and her family are so easy to work with, and they ship our orders super fast. We get to keep 50% of our profits, which is so generous and much more than most fundraisers. We are very grateful to the Jonas family for all they’ve done to help us raise money to rescue animals in need!"
- Kim, Purrfect Friends for Adoption


"When our American Heritage Girls troop first formed, we needed to choose a fundraiser for our brand new troop. Several ideas were presented, but one stood out above the rest, then and now: Goat Milk Stuff soap. Five years later, we are still selling it as our main fundraiser! In the beginning, we had no idea the success we would have with Goat Milk Stuff soap. Families in our troop tell us it is the easiest thing they have ever sold. Customers tell us how much it helps their skin, and that they wish they had bought more soap the first time they ordered with us. Goat Milk Stuff soap is an affordable, quality product we believe in, use ourselves, and feel confident selling to others. We also love that it is a Christian family business with values similar to those of families in our troop. We highly recommend fundraising through Goat Milk Stuff. You and your customers will be so glad you did! Thank you, Jonas family. It has been a blessing to work with you, and we look forward to more successful years fundraising with Goat Milk Stuff."
- Angela Morrell, AHG Troop TN1218, Fellowship Church