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Benefits of Goat Milk Soap

Goat milk soap regularly benefits dry or sensitive skin and can even benefit skin that is suffering from eczema or psoriasis. And if your customers are fortunate to have healthy skin, goat milk soap can help it to stay that way!

Here are some of the many benefits that your customers can experience when they use a natural goat milk soap on their skin.

Benefit #1 - Goat milk soap naturally exfoliates your skin.

Exfoliating is important because the process removes dead skin cells from your skin’s surface. This exposes newer, healthier, younger-looking skin cells, and improves the look and health of your skin.

Goat milk naturally contains alpha-hydroxy acids such as lactic acid. Alpha-hydroxy acids improve your skin by breaking down the bonds that keep dead skin cells together. As you wash your skin with goat milk soap, the dead skin cells are broken up and washed down the drain.

Proper exfoliation leaves your skin not only refreshed but clean, without over-drying. Many water-based soaps use chemicals to do the job alpha-hydroxy acids do naturally. Using goat milk soap is the perfect way to gently and naturally exfoliate your skin.

Benefit #2 - Goat milk soap supports the repair of sun-damaged skin.

Frequent sun exposure can cause photoaging which is the damage done to your skin by the sun. Photoaging can result in wrinkles, hyperpigmentation such as freckles and dark spots, and fine lines.

Goat milk naturally contains vitamin A which has been shown to drastically improve the fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of sun-damaged skin. Topical vitamin A (retinoids) induces microscopic changes in the skin and stimulates the growth of collagen. Collagen is a structural protein that has been shown to help with photoaged skin.

The vitamin A in goat milk soap can also help treat acne, promote the actual production of healthy skin cells, support skin healing, and help prevent follicular hyperkeratosis.

Benefit #3 - Goat milk soap naturally moisturizes your skin.

Another benefit of adding goat milk to soap is that it retains all of the healthy fats and cream present in the goat milk.

At Goat Milk Stuff, we use fresh, raw goat milk to make our soap. We do not use goat milk powder. We also use whole goat milk and never skim milk. The fat content in our goat milk varies throughout the year, but our herd consistently produces milk with a fat content in the 4% - 7% range.

It's important to use whole milk with the fat left in it because the cream boosts the moisturizing abilities of the goat milk soap. Since so many people suffer from dry skin, especially in the winter months, the cream that is naturally present in the goat milk makes a big difference in how the soap moisturizes your skin. 

Water-based soaps can actually make your dry skin worse because they are chemical-based which often causes dry skin to become irritated.  

Benefit #4 - Goat milk soap helps reduce oxidative stress on your skin.

Your skin is regularly exposed to environmental stresses such as UV rays and harmful weather conditions. Because it is the largest organ in your body, it regularly faces a large amount of oxidative stress which can harm your skin and cause damaged skin cells and premature aging of your skin.

Your body employs a lot of defense systems to protect your skin and the strongest of these is the antioxidant system which focuses on reducing the free radicals that cause oxidative stress. 

You can eat antioxidants that are present in healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. Or you can apply antioxidants topically to your skin which protects your skin cells and improves healthy skin cell regeneration. 

Goat milk naturally contains antioxidant properties. So using goat milk soap can improve your skin and help battle the oxidative stress your skin regularly faces.

Benefit #5 - Goat milk soap provides minerals your skin needs.

Your skin can absorb what it comes into contact with - including negative substances such as pollutants as well as positive substances. It's important to use soap that provides your skin with beneficial ingredients.

At Goat Milk Stuff, we booster our goats with the trace mineral selenium. Since selenium is deficient in much of the soil where hay and alfalfa are grown, we know that it is important to make sure that our goats have enough selenium to keep them healthy and their immune systems strong. The selenium is also passed into the goat milk that they make and is thereby included in the goat milk soap. 

Scientists believe selenium plays a vital role in preventing skin cancer and stopping sun damage. Having selenium present in your goat milk soap is a benefit to your skin. And healthy skin is important because it protects your body and plays an important role in keeping you healthy.

"My husband has eczema & is a mechanic. This soap gets his hands clean without drying out his skin. Thanks for a great soap!" - Lisa
"Great Soap. Keeps my hands healthy." - Betty
"Noticed a definite difference in the softness of my skin this winter. The bar has lasted a really long time too. Thank you for a great product, will be ordering more!" - Jill

As you can see, goat milk soap that is made with healthy, raw, whole goat milk provides many benefits to you and your customer's skin.

And yet, despite all these goat milk soap benefits, there are a lot of people still using soap made with water. If that's your customers, selling our goat milk soap for your fundraiser is a great way for your customers to try exchanging their average water-based, commercial soap with one made with healthy, raw goat milk. They will be amazed at the many benefits of goat milk soap and how it can improve their skin’s health.