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Here at Goat Milk Stuff, we believe in helping people. There are so many wonderful causes and groups out there needing support to make a difference. We think your cause is very important and we would like to help you reach your financial goals. To that end, we have developed a fundraiser program, which has helped hundreds of groups raise the funds for their various projects. We believe our soaps make a wonderful fundraiser because they are very appealing to a wide range of people. After all, everyone needs soap!

To get more information, please fill out the form on the Contact page (or send an email to soap@goatmilkstuff.com) with the following information and we will provide you with further details:

  • Name of Contact Person
  • Name of Group 
  • Email of Contact Person
  • Phone Number of Contact Person 
  • Approximate Number of People participating 
  • Purpose of fundraiser

We look forward to working with you to reach your goals!

"We are adopting 2 teen girls from China. With the GMS fundraiser, we raised enough money to pay for our Home Study. I’ve done a lot of fundraisers, but this one is my favorite. We’re working with a compassionate, down-to-earth family business that makes great soap! You keep 50% of what you sell, which is wonderful! A lot of people buy it for gifts or even gift baskets. It sells quickly, and people keep coming back for more because it makes their skin feel so good! Personally, it’s the ONLY natural soap (and I’ve tried them all) that doesn’t dry out my skin." - Terri, Indiana

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