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A Major Life Milestone!

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we face another milestone.  The Jonas family has reached one.  We have the pleasure of announcing our daughter, Brett’s, engagement to a wonderful young man, Mason.

For those of you who watch us on Facebook Live, you’ll know that Mason has worked with us for almost two years.  During that time, there have been some comments about Mason and Brett dating that have been tactfully avoided or denied.

I can remember one Facebook Live in particular when people were asking Brett what she was looking for in a guy and she answered something to the effect of, “I want a man who loves the Lord.”  Well I can very happily say that not only does Mason love the Lord, but he also loves my daughter.

Our family has been friends with Mason’s family for over ten years.  Brett and Mason first met (our best guess) about 13 years ago at New Life International.  Ten years ago, we suffered the loss of Mason’s beloved Grandfather, Byron McGuire.  It was after the funeral, that I told Brett that she had my permission to marry Mason.  And he’s the only one I’ve ever said that about.

Even as a very young man, Mason’s many fine qualities shone through.  He was respectful and polite and he had a way of looking you in the eye and giving you his attention that was unusual in a young man.

We didn’t have much interaction with Mason during the majority of his teenage years.  And then two years ago this upcoming October, Mason came back into our lives in a big way when he asked us for a job.  We (obviously) said yes, and I have had the privilege of getting to know Mason very well over the past two years.  He has proven to me that he has grown into the quality young man that the Mason of ten years ago foreshadowed.

Brett and Mason’s relationship these past two years was a bit rocky (much to Mason’s frustration).  After initial heavy flirtation, Brett “ran away” (her words). In hindsight, I think this was a good thing.  The two of them both matured in many ways over the past year while they weren’t “together”.  But more importantly, they got to know each other as friends.  And that was so important because they were not trying to impress each other or put on a good face for each other.  They were each just themselves and they know the good and bad sides of each other.  And despite (or because of) all that, they still love each other anyway!

Many people who know Brett and Mason are surprised by their “sudden” engagement.  The two of them made the decision a while ago, not to publish their relationship online or on social media.  Brett has grown up with much of her life available to not only family and friends, but also to customers.  She wanted their relationship to be their own and we all respected that. They were able to be themselves without having to put any of it online.

So while the engagement may seem sudden to some, to us (especially Emery and I who were the first to see the budding romance), it hasn’t been sudden at all!

Now, I do have to point out two of Mason’s biggest “shortcomings”.  First – his height.  My darling daughter takes after my petite side and is 4’11”.  She is really short.

I’m not sure who Mason got his height from, but he’s nowhere near petite.  He is 6’4″.

The two of them together are adorable and are perfectly matched despite the height difference.  (I’m all ready preparing myself to have my grandchildren tower over me LOL).

The second thing I feel I must point out is that Mason’s last name is Werst.  And yes, that will make her “Brett Werst.”

And that is how you know she must really love him if she’s willing to put up with “midget sausage” jokes for the rest of her life.

Congratulations to Brett and Mason!  May God richly bless your lives together.  We love you both!