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Opportunity Cost

I’m the one who does most of the writing here on my blog (not surprising, huh?!)  Brett does some of the proof reading and editing. But Jim is the one who adds all the pictures and hyperlinks. About a month ago, he told me that while I mention “opportunity cost” in a lot of my […]
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As many of you know, Brett is getting married soon.  She asked if we could do another round of P90X3* before the wedding (we completed the fitness program together a few years ago).  Of course I agreed.  Not only is the exercise good for me, but I get to spend time with my daughter who […]
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Last Saturday morning I went food shopping.  As usual, it took two carts (sometimes it takes three) to get everything on my list.  All the children and Jim were working, so I emptied the Beast of all the groceries by myself.  I put a John MacArthur sermon on to listen to while I put the […]
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